The Making of this Website


January 19th 2014: Anthony/Colin: Today, We finished filling out our application for the our project. This was the same time I created an account with WordPress to make our webpage. From here, I started messing around with the page to figure out the new format because last semester we used Wikipages which was simple, but WordPress seems more appealing due to its format and overall appearance.

January 25th 2014: Anthony: After familiarizing myself with the new WordPress format, I began to work on the home page to develop an overall summary of our project to make the reader become interested in which we hope that they go through our entire project. I’m still trying to figure out how to remove the post on the home page, so it just looks like a written post, and not in a blog format.

January 25th 2014: Colin: Today, I, along with Anthony, figured out the basic format of wordpress.  It’s overall easier and more customizeable than what we were using before.  I helped lay out the tabs of the website as well as planning what was going to need to go under each one and splitting up the work

February 21st 2014: Anthony: The issue with the home page looking like a blog post is fixed! Also, I decided to have subtabs under “Sound Waves of Instruments” to give it a more organized design instead of separate tabs for each instrument category.  Not many major problems as this is a lot easier to use.

March 24th 2014:Anthony:  I’ve started the history of sound waves page by doing a research on both sound waves and waves in general. I have added some pictures, but trying to format everything to avoid having large spaces of white.

March 31st 2014: Colin: Fixed some formatting issues that was detracting from the aesthetics of the project.  It had been bothering me but I finally figured it out.

April 4th 2014: Anthony:  I’m very close to finishing the history of sound waves page. The only thing I have to do to finish up that page is to go into the near future, on discoveries on sound in the modern age. I also started the types of sound waves page, where I discussed the different types of waves. Instead of using images, I decided to use animated images (gifs) to give the reader a better understanding on how each type of wave works. I’m pretty much done with the types of sound waves page. Those pages were the ones I was responsible for.

April 5th 2014: Colin: Today I finished working on the “How the ears hear”  page as well as one of the pages for the specific types of instruments.  Everything went pretty smoothly and it was nice that you could easily add gifs to the project both to make it more visually appealing and interactive.  I worked with Anthony to finish the pages that we laid out for this date and everything went pretty well.

April 5th 2014: Anthony:  Today, I began formatting different things such as the layout of the pages that I was responsible for doing. I’m not quite satisfied with the layout of the history page yet, but that will be done by the next deadline. Colin and I are also thinking of changing the theme, because although the current theme is real simple which is good in a way, we want to give the website a more appealing look.

May 15th 2014:Anthony:  I finished both the history and types of sound waves pages now.

May 24th 2014: Colin: Completed the rest of the pages that needed to be done and helped Anthony to select the art pieces and demonstrations that would go into the project. It was sort of difficult finding art pieces that were relevant however it turned out alright in the end.